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By castrosguides | Mobile Games

Jun 20

Summoners War: Sky Arena, created by South Korean game developer, Com2Us, is a mobile turn-based strategy MMO. The game was announced and released at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 12, 2014 for iOS and Android devices. Summoners War has performed successfully with 50 million downloads worldwide.

Summoners War: Sky Arena uses beautiful 3D graphics interface, including four attributes and they are related to each other. There are more than 479 characters, and 30 boss levels with rich content in the experience. In the game, players will form a team of four to fight against the enemy. While fighting, you can use automatic mode or not. Also, PVP battle with sub-variant is diverse and interesting. Players can build their own space in the game, interact, make friends through chat channels in addition to “plowing” or cultivating skills. The most outstanding feature of the game is the “pet gathering” with 400 monsters which have different attributes that will assist and be your companion.

The fact that gamers only have 30 minutes to finish playing the Summoners War game successfully means that more of them fail than succeed. One of the fastest yet effective ways to empower the summoners is by using Crystals. The Crystals are specialized currencies that can be only obtained by making in-app or in-house purchases. Alternatively, the gamers can obtain Crystals by picking up the random drops that occur while at the scenarios, arenas, dungeons and Trial of Ascension. Gamers may also obtain Crystals through completion of daily missions or taking part in arenas on a weekly basis.

Without the Crystals, gamers would be unable to purchase mana stones, energy and arena invitations. With the Crystals, it would be much easier for gamers to buy monster scroll packs. A good gamer has to learn how to use his Crystals wisely and avoid wastages. Unfortunately, despite the most careful ways of using the Crystals, they eventually run out. To increase the supply of Crystals, a gamer would need to use real money to purchase them in-app.

Summoners War Crystals Hack Generator, Does It Really Work?

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When you try using Summoners War Free Crystals Generator here will be what you end up get: 

Summoners War Crystals Hack Generator can connects to fake name account
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As you can see, I use fake name but the generator still show success connected the account message then adding resources?!

The problem is, even you use the real account name, after completing “human verification”, no resources is added to your account. It’s a false promise.

Summoners War Free Crystals Hack Generator is a big scam. Don’t ever bother to use one. 
Why? You can’t hack Summoners War servers. If there is a way for you to get unlimited crystals, mana & glory points in the game, it won’t be from official game servers, it must be private servers.

How To Get Summoners War Crystals Without Hack or Human Verification?

In fact, there are many ways to get crystals, mana & glory points without Hack or Fake generator. These methods are proven many times to help people get more resources safely.


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